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Dry dairy & lipid ingredients.


To meet the demands of health and nutrition-conscious consumers.


Founded just three years ago, CoreFX quickly gained a reputation as the industry’s leading producer of spray-dried fat-based ingredients solutions — ingredients that are functionally useful, that taste great, and that are readily usable by consumers.

That reputation is based on two pillars. First, our ability to design custom ingredients across a range of properties, without compromising on flavor or functionality.

And second, our service. Ask anyone who’s worked with us and they’ll tell you: we never fail to deliver on our promise of speed, agility, and day-to-day responsiveness.

Put it all together with our deep global sourcing capabilities, our follow-up and exceptional product support, the result is a small company with some very big capabilities.


Innovative. Authentic. Inspired.

Our Products

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Ingredient and complete food systems for nutritional applications. Can be retail ready. Applications: infant formula, nutritional beverages, bars, meals, shakes. More...

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Non-dairy creamer, shortening and fat systems. Applications: beverages, soups/sauces, dressings, bakery and nutritional. More...

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Dry dairy ingredients, spray-dried and/or blended. Applications: beverages, processed cheese, ice cream, yogurt, snacks, meals, soups/sauces, dressings, bakery, confectionery and nutritional. More...

ButterCoreFX Logo.png

Dry butter ingredient systems. Applications: confectionery, processed cheese, soups/sauces, ice cream, side dishes and bakery. More...

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Dry cheese solutions. Applications: snacks, seasonings, soups/sauces, ready meals, side dishes and frozen foods. More...


Markets We Serve

Whether you’re creating a new product, matching a national brand or looking for a custom flavor or color solution, we can help. We offer a full array of non-GMO, Kosher, organic, Keto and paleo friendly solutions.

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Sports Nutrition

High protein and lipid combinations, easy incorporation, instant solubility, flavor matching and convenience via ProCoreFX and NutriCoreFX.

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Health and Wellness

High quality protein and nutritional lipids via NutriCoreFX and ProCoreFX.

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Functional Food & Beverages

Spray-dried healthy fats for nutritional, functional and supplement applications under NutriCoreFX.


Custom Applications


Beginning with our foundational ingredients — creaming agents, powdered fats, nutritional powders, specialty powders, dry dairy, dry cheese and dairy proteins — we can create a range of solutions addressing:

  • Melt point
  • Flavor
  • Texture
  • Cost
  • Labeling
  • Shelf stability

Using our customized cheese, butter and dairy ingredients we can deliver:

  • Enhanced or flavor-intensified dry cheeses and dairy
  • Enhanced flavor and color
  • Custom dry products and blends
  • Ingredient substitutions
  • Custom spray-dried and blended dairy powders

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