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At CoreFX we specialize in custom dairy and specialty lipid ingredients that deliver the widest possible range of functional attributes. They work great, they taste great, and they satisfy consumer demands for natural, better-for-you foods.


But functional, delicious and wholesome ingredients aren’t the only reasons leading manufacturers like doing business with us.

They choose us because of our deep dairy knowledge and technological expertise. The also appreciate the fact that we work hands-on to make sure their solutions work and are delivered on-time.

Add in our deep global sourcing capabilities, our follow-up and support, and the result is a small company with very, very big capabilities.

Let us show you what we can do.

Our Products


Dry butter ingredient systems. Applications: confectionery, processed cheese, soups/sauces, ice cream, side dishes and bakery. More...


Dry cheese solutions. Applications: snacks, seasonings, soups/sauces, ready meals, side dishes and frozen foods. More...


Non-dairy creamer, shortening and fat systems. Applications: beverages, soups/sauces, dressings, bakery and nutritional. More...


Functional and flavor ingredients derived from cultures. Applications: hard and semi-hard cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream. More...


Dry dairy ingredients, spray-dried and/or blended. Applications: beverages, processed cheese, ice cream, yogurt, snacks, meals, soups/sauces, dressings, bakery, confectionery and nutritional. More...


Anti-caking ingredients designed for cheese applications. Novel shelf life extension properties. More...


Ingredient and complete food systems for nutritional applications. Can be retail ready. Applications: infant formula, nutritional beverages, bars, meals, shakes. More...


Dry dairy protein ingredient systems. Applications: beverages, soups/sauces, side dishes, dressings, bakery and nutritional. More...

Markets We Serve

Whether you’re creating a new product, matching a national brand or looking for a custom flavor or color solution, we can help. We offer a full array of non-GMO, Kosher, organic, or natural solutions.

BABY & TODDLER NUTRITION High protein enhancements, national brand matches and value-added solutions via NutriCoreFX.

Baby & Toddler Nutrition

High protein enhancements, national brand matches and value-added solutions via NutriCoreFX.


Convenience, functionality, color, flavor and shelf life extension via DairyCoreFX, CheezeCoreFX and FlowCoreFX.

Cheese & Dairy

Cheese extension, flavor enhancement, functionality, color and shelf life extension via DairyCoreFX, ProCoreFX, CultureCoreFX and FlowCoreFX.


DairyCoreFX for chocolate, CreamerCoreFX for icing, customized color profiles with natural ingredients.


Frozen Desserts

Dairy extension, flavor enhancement and functionality via DairyCoreFX and ProCoreFX.

Health and Wellness

High quality protein and nutritional lipids via NutriCoreFX and ProCoreFX.

Hot & Cold Beverages

Instant solubility, creaming agents, easy to make, convenience (creamers, protein shakes, coffees) via CreamerCoreFX and trending via ButterCoreFX.

Meat Products

Topical seasonings, flavor variations, adding a savory taste profile via CheezeCoreFX; binding and functionality enhancement via ProCoreFX.


Seasonings & Spices

Cheese and dairy flavors, colors and functionality via CheezeCoreFX and DairyCoreFX.

Soups & Sauces

Complete dry soup mixes and ingredients for mixes via DairyCoreFX. Complete cheese sauces and gravies and ingredient components via DairyCoreFX and CheezeCoreFX.

Snack Foods

Add savory flavor profiles, brand matching, applying to common snacks such as chips, crackers, tortillas, but in growing snacks such as lentil, almonds and more via CheezeCoreFX and DairyCoreFX.

Sports Nutrition

High protein and lipid combinations, easy incorporation, instant solubility, flavor matching and convenience via ProCoreFX and NutriCoreFX.


Custom Applications


Beginning with our foundational ingredients — creaming agents, powdered fats, nutritional powders, specialty powders, dry dairy, dry cheese and dairy proteins — we can create a range of solutions addressing:

  • Melt point
  • Flavor
  • Texture
  • Cost
  • Labeling
  • Shelf stability

Using our customized cheese, butter and dairy ingredients we can deliver:

  • Enhanced or flavor-intensified dry cheeses and dairy
  • Enhanced flavor and color
  • Custom dry products and blends
  • Ingredient substitutions
  • Custom spray-dried and blended dairy powders

About Us

CoreFX is a US-based manufacturer which specializes in developing innovative dry dairy and lipid ingredients which satisfy taste and well-being, where convenience is a premium. Our manufacturing facility is located in Orangeville IL. Our Innovation Center is located in Chicago IL.

To find out more about CoreFX or to talk to a sales representative call (773) 271-2663 or send us an email.

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