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Food oils are healthier and more diverse than ever and aside from the classic oils used in food manufacturing, new fats and oil sources are entering the prepared food space as different food trends drive manufacturers to opt for everything from gluten-free to non-GMO to eco-friendly and sustainable sources. At CoreFX, our diverse range of spray dried nutritional lipids cater to consumers demands for better performing healthier fats and oils, providing ease of use and convenience while delivering nutritional benefits. Check out a recent article about emerging oils on the market, many of which CoreFX has already pioneered in dry convenient form to elevate our growing portfolio of spray dried fats and oils!


Check out a recent study by the Center for Nutrition Research at the Illinois Institute of Technology into the benefits of incorporating healthy fats such as avocado’s into daily diets. As there are limits in daily avocado consumption because of convenience and product bulk, our NutriCore dry avocado oils provide a convenient way to further include this healthy fat into your daily diet in multiple food applications!


While the Keto movement is important in a new age of accepting fats as better-for-you, it is important to note that we should put balance above all else. Balance of fatty acids via fats and oils but also balance of fats with others macros including carbs. The “right” carbs then, just the same as the rights fats, is key. And fiber continues to be a missing link to bring all macros together. This article gives a brief insight into good and bad and how to live life in balance with the good (slow) carbs. #fats #keto #slowcarbs #balance #fiber


Happy #NationalPopcornDay! This time-honored treat can be sweet or savory and served many different ways but at CoreFX our favorite topping is that of our dry grass-fed butter! A topical slurry coating for popcorn – this gourmet application gives a true dairy flavor to popcorn and richness of flavor and texture when compared to the traditional “butter” application of oil and artificial flavor. For more information on our dry grass-fed butter ingredients contact us at


A New Palette of Oils in Food Formulations

By now, there should be no question that many foods rich in healthy fats are excellent additions to a healthy diet. Lipid-based, healthful ingredients are indispensable to the successful functioning of the brain and body. These innovative fats and oils provide health, convenience, functionality and taste when working on new product development, product improvement or cost-savings projects. At CoreFX, we have developed dry stable emulsions of Healthy Fats for nutritional, functional and supplement applications under our NutriCore brand. We highlighted a recent article about the growing trend of marketing products with such favored fats and the expanding range of healthy fats that are taking center stage. For more click here

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Easy analytical technique helps prove organic milk authenticity

At CoreFX our dry grass-fed butter and cheese ingredients with full traceability to the pasture, are the perfect example of ensuring our ingredients are as close as possible to their origins. Researchers have seemingly come up with an accurate, cost-effective method for quantifying products labeled as grass-fed using a fluorescence spectroscopy method which measures chlorophyll metabolites and thereby ensuring authenticity. To learn more click here



Happy National Cheese Day!

If you are a self-proclaimed cheese lover like we are here at CoreFX, make sure to celebrate #NationalCheeseDay by enjoying your favorite type of cheese today! Adam in R&D has been busy making one of our favorite cheesy snacks using our Cheddar and Parmesan cheese powders.

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National Dairy Month 

June is National Dairy Month - the perfect time to celebrate the delicious dairy foods that fuel our bodies and minds. At CoreFX, our focus is on creating authentic dry dairy and cheese ingredients which satisfy the demand for origin and taste while remaining true to our dairy heritage. We work closely with our dairy suppliers to ensure full traceability back to the milk which has many forms such as organic, grassfed, non-GMO and Rbst Free. The result is dry specialty cheeses, creams, butters and cultured dairy that are full of authentic flavors and micronutrients, delivering holistic solutions which are important to today’s consumer.


Omega-3s from Plants

Omega oils are transforming today’s marketplace, advancing well beyond any previously defined space in the supplement and vitamin aisles. While the majority of omega-3 fatty acids on the market are marine-sourced, the combination of a rapidly growing market need and fish oil limitations has led to a great opportunity for other sources. As the focus shifts to plant-based omega oils, CoreFX is perfectly positioned to satisfy the needs for the full omega plant-based range (3,6,9) in a dry stable convenient form. We highlighted a recent article that takes a look at the growing plant-derived omega market and the role technology will play in advancing this industry. For more info click here


Students Visit CoreFX Manufacturing Facility, Orangeville, Il

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming some of the Orangeville Jr. -Sr. High School Agriculture and Business students to our manufacturing facility in Orangeville, IL. The students got the full tour of the facility and were excited to learn first-hand about the inner workings of what we do at CoreFX! As the biggest employer in Orangeville, it’s always a great opportunity to meet and engage with the next generation and as we plan to grow we will continue to stay connected to the young talent in the region and include them in that growth. 

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Grass-fed at CoreFX Ingredients 

Snaxpo is almost here and we are very excited to unveil our authentic dry Grass-fed butter and cheese ingredients which will be featured in this year’s Snaxpo Innovation Hub! Satisfying the demand for origin and taste while remaining true to dairy, our dry grass-fed ingredients deliver on customer’s needs for flavor, functionality and color in one convenient solution. Rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients, clean label, fully traceable and easy to use in a variety of applications, our dry grass-fed butter and cheese ingredients showcase the very best of what we do at CoreFX! Click here for more info! 

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Grass Fed Butter Coffee

At CoreFX, we specialize in creating authentic dry grass-fed butter and nutritional oils, which deliver a wide range of nutritional and functional attributes. With healthy fats and ketogenic lifestyles on the rise, it is only fitting that coffee combined with grass-fed butter and MCT oil is rapidly gaining popularity among the health-conscious consumer for its many perceived health and wellness benefits. For more insight into the ever growing “butter coffee” trend Read more here

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Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!

If you are a self-proclaimed cheese lover like we are here at CoreFX, make sure to celebrate #NationalCheeseLoversDay by enjoying your favorite type of cheese today! Here at CoreFX our R&D team have been busy making up one of our favorite cheesy snacks using our Cheddar and Parmesan cheese powders.

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5 Questions about Grass Fed

At CoreFX we pride ourselves on being dry added-value dairy experts and draw on our rich global dairy heritage to create and pioneer authentic dry grass-fed butter and cheeses that satisfies taste and convenience. With more and more focus shifting to grass-fed products as it becomes more mainstream, we highlighted a recent piece from NewHope where Carrie Balkcom of the American Grassfed Association gives her views on US origin grass-fed. Read more here


MCT Oils

Today's consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about the benefits of nutritional oils such as MCT, omega 3, CLA, borage, evening primrose, tea tree and more. All of these are sensitive to oxidation, bringing challenges to processing efforts. We convert our nutritional oils into stable, free-flowing powders that are microencapsulated, which protects and extends their shelf-life.



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